24 May, 2007

Guess the height of the Burj Dubai

No one has a clue how high the Burj Dubai, aka the Deathspire, is going to be. So let's have a bit of fun and see if we can guess the height.

Post your guess below and you could win an exciting prize of a US$100 Amazon gift voucher.

Burj Dubai on Wikipedia.

Burj Dubai official site.
The guesses so far:
1500 metresSomeone in Al Ain
1050 metresAsh
1011 metresslugbelch
1010 metresbrian
1001 metresNature Strikes Back
1000 metresa bookworm
999 metressamuraisam
975 metresLutfiers
986 metreschantal
955 metresAmitL
942 metrespatrick luk
940 metresDoubleletter
938 metresJames Hamilton
935 metresKiwi Boy
920 metreshalfmanhalfbeer
912 metresBack of House in DXB
911 metresRobin
900 metresPractical Utopian
899 metresTwinTopaz
890 metresShaggyRed
888 metressecretdubai
850 metresDXBluey
830 metresdubaiwalla
827 metresDUBAI JAZZ
820 metresJ-T Sullivan
810 metresKlaus
808 metresjustin
780 metresstained
750 metresSeabee
0.35 metresArso

The Rules

1. One prize of a US$100 Amazon voucher to one winner.

2. Entry is free: this is not gambling.

3. First to submit the closest height of the Burj Dubai without exceeding it wins. My decision is final in the event of any dispute.

4. The height will be whatever Guiness World Records deems it to be, and failing that whatever Emaar deems it to be.

5. Prize is by email, so you will have to verify yourself through your blogger profile.